Press Quotes for Sweet Bernardine

a hauntingly nostalgic vocalist, imperative guitarist and literate, detail-rich songwriter, do yourself a favor. 
- Gary von Tersch, Sing Out

a must, not only for anyone seeking a sublime set of songs, but for those whose notion of Americana has to ring of the real thing.
- Lee Zimmerman, No Depression

music that comes from a long tradition, music that has always found ways to grow in the environs of California and, indeed, still thrives there.
- Lonesome Highway, Dublin Ireland

The opening tales of “Mexicali Train,” “Mariachi Hotel” and the unlikely criminal “Gregory Ray DeFord” superbly exemplify evocative songwriting, this is a gem. 
- Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine

the testimony of a mature and seasoned artist who has seen a lot.. 
There's wisdom in these tracks. Beauty, too.
- Jerome Clark,

Rick Shea has a big talent for songwriting, a warm engaging voice and a knack for telling a story. His warm sensitive vocal takes the listener on a gorgeous ride.. a perfectly constructed gem..
- Paul Riley, Country Music People

very human stories grounded in personal detail. they all pulse with a redolent sense of 
place and vivid, conflicted characters.
- Bliss, Pasadena Weekly

halfway between the madness of metropolis and the serenity of nowhere, Shea's not only one of those California/SouthWest people, he's their emotional and psychological cartographer.. prepare to have your heart torn out.. 
- Mark S.Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange FAME

If your tastes run toward hard working, literate, back 40 folkies like Tom Russell, Chuck Pyle, Jimmie Dale Gilmore 
and others like that, Shea is sure to be another that you're going to dig. With a very personal edge to his writing and singing, this is classic folkie/troubadour stuff that cuts right to the chase and delivers moves that others can only turn into clichés. Check it out, it's the real deal. 
- Chris Spector MIDWEST RECORD

"Having proven his abilities as singer, songwriter and producer many times before, 
renowned guitarist Rick Shea excels once again on his latest release 'Sweet Bernardine'.
- Belgium

Rick Shea is clearly a man of many talents - producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. 
He has been described as "one of Southern California's best-kept secrets". On the strength of this album he deserves to be known on a much wider basis than that.
- Peter Cowley, Fatea, Liverpool UK

Shea's first-person narratives are filled with the considered detail and romanticism of retrospection. 
His storytelling shows Merle Haggard as a primary influence, but it's clear that he's also connected 
with contemporaries like Dave Alvin.
- No Depression

a pleasure to hear one of Southern California's best kept secrets on one of his finest albums to date. 
Whatever you do, please don't keep this little gem of an album a secret.
- Dan MacIntosh, Country Standard Time

Rick Shea ranks alongside Dave Alvin and the late Chris Gaffney in the Southern California 
roots-rock movement,
- Peter Hund, Good New Music

a voice that soothes as much as it catches on a barbed wire.
- Tom Clarke, Hittin the Note

a perfect example of superb California Roots songwriting that makes the west coast 
just as important as the songwriters coming from Nashville and Austin.
- Joanne Ledesma, San Gabriel Valley Music Magazine

Very classic and trendy out of any game, Shea has an old soul and a penalty impeccable. 
- Roots Country, Italy (from a Google Translation)

Classic California country, Shea delivers both a common man's perspective and a serene-to-smoldering troubadour's baritone on a varied and very personal sounding set. 
- Duane Verh, Roots Music Report