Heres a link to my YouTube Channell and some selected videos below
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The Town Where I Live

Hold on Jake

The Road to Jericho

The Starkville Blues - Live at The Cinema Bar

Mexicali Train

Nelly Bly - The Bonnie Cove Sessions

Steady Drivin' Man - Live in the U.K.

Mariachi Hotel

Ty Robby - The Bonnie Cove Sessions

Shelter Valley Blues

Que Mas Quieres? - Live at Slim's in SF

Sweet Bernardine

My Darling Lives in Darlington - Live in Liverpool UK

Steady Drivin Man - Live in Venice Ca

Mariachi Hotel - Live at The Convent, Gloucester UK

Cactus Jam at Chantry Flats

Rachel / The San Bernardino Waltz - Live at The Convent, Gloucester UK

Mexicali Train from FAI Kansas City 2018