Love & Desperation 

An instant familiarity, four stars ****
Sylvie Simmons
full review

Desert Star
Authentic and moving song craft
Robert Kinsler
full review

Rock & Roll Truth
A great batch of songs, wonderful
full review

(Shea’s) most definitive musical statement to date, the lessons he leaves with hislisteners are well worth retaining
full review

Imaginative ballads that belie the pandemic induced isolation in which this music was created
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JP’s Music Blog
(Shea’s) descriptive songwriting shines
full review

Pasadena Weekly
Evokes late club nights, connects with essential touchstones, love community, nature, music
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A cross section of blues, folk, country and rock & roll (from) a gifted storyteller.. theessence of Americana music delivered by one of it’s severely under recognized talents.If you like the music of Dave Alvin, Dwight Yoakum and Tom Russell,
you owe this a listen
Jim Hynes
full review

Take Effect
Flows together seamlessly... delivered in Shea’s inimitable andexceptional vision
full review

Expert songwriting... wonderful
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The Town Where I Live

Ctrl. Alt. Country
5 Stars ***** One of the most interesting singer-songwriters of the current Americana lot 
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Deep Roots
A folk singer with a hearty voice, a sure feel for country-flavored blues and given to vivid, detailed portraits of people and places in the manner of Tom Russell, California- based veteran Rick Shea offers a folk-flavored gem. Like all outstanding folk writers, Shea knows the land and its human inhabitants 
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A fine collection of songs, honest country music fare. Shea is a fine writer and singer, well worth a listen. 
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Maximum Volume
Shea shows all his gifts for telling wonderful stories, ones rooted in the reality of existence. These stories are brimming with a very special kind of frustration indeed, rather like the best American music has always seemed to. rating 8 out of 10. 
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OC Patch
The landscape becomes a focal point in many of Shea's songs, heat, dust, wind, vacant lots, boarded-up buildings and torn-up highways create their sense of time and place. 
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Pasadena Weekly
Movingly sung and performed, the beauty of the tale is in how the veteran artist makes it feel like it’s taken from his own life - or yours. It’s one of the hallmarks of Shea’ssongwriting. 
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Penny Black Music
Shea can sing about leaving places we’ve never been to and make us yearn to be there, leaving the listener wanting more. 
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Not to be confused with some pop-flavored, faux-rooted "Americana" act Shea traffics in muscular folk music based in American tradition and experience. Devoid of fakery, Shea tells stories you will want to hear. 
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Real Roots Café
Shea comes up with an excellent Americana CD with an infectious mix of country, rock, folk, bluesy pop 
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The Rock Club
Straightforward country, with a hint of pub rock.
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Sweet Bernadine

Tres Pescadores 2013 

a hauntingly nostalgic vocalist, imperative guitarist and literate, detail-rich songwriter,
do yourself a favor
Gary von Tersch, Sing Out

a must, not only for anyone seeking a sublime set of songs, but for those whose notion of 
Americana has to ring of the real thing.
Lee Zimmerman, No Depression

Press Quotes for "Sweet Bernardine"

"Sweet Bernardine" Review Page

Shelter Valley Blues

Tres Pescadores 2009

Years from now writers will refer to this as “his career album.” In case I'm not around to do it, I'll just do it here. He's had a long and storied career and worked with music royalty in several genres, this feels like something The Band would have done early in their career.”   
– Blll Lavery/Village Records

"Shelter Valley Blues" Review Page 


Our Shangri LA

Trouble and Me

The Buffalo Show